Our Work

Marrakech Restaurants

8 – restaurant buffet chain, Stockholm

Services: logo, web design, social media

Design Approach: The client was clear in their vision for a bright and fresh – looking website that is easy to navigate and not cluttered. We built the website with WordPress for its fluid website layout and the simplex nature of the website.

We updated their logo to their specification and created new social media logos.

Slot RTPs

4 – page Return To Player App 

Services: logo, app design

Design Approach: The client wanted an uncomplicated and unpretentious app layout where users can easily access Return To Player data.  

Work on this app is ongoing.

Top Slots and Games

Casino Affiliates Website

Services: logo, website

Design Approach: Ease of use was top of mind for the client. With a large amount of content as in this project it was important to display all the information and games in an orderly manner and avoid a cluttered look.